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Crude Oil Separators

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If you provide us with the specific weight of the crude oil in question together with the size of the oil droplets in your waste stream, we can conduct our technical calculations and provide the correct separator model to get the separation efficiencies down to 5 PPM. This means that your Barrel per Day production rate will increase.

For this high degree of separation, it will be necessary to use our recommended "positive displacement pump" manufactured in the USA (in those cases where gravity feed to the separator is not an option). The method selected to pump oily water is very important - and this is precisely where many engineers make serious mistakes. To this very day - we see major oil companies still using the wrong pumps such as centrifugal and sump pumps to move oily water to feed oil water separators. We can guarantee, without reservation, that your clients can achieve this exceptional degree of separation so long as they use the Freytech enhanced coalescing oil water separators with parallel plate packs - used in conjunction with our US manufactured specialized positive displacement pumps.

Maintenance expenditures using our equipment and following our recommendations, will greatly decrease expenses associated with any other water treatment equipment you may already have in place or are planning to install.

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