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ecoGrease - Interceptor Separating Liquid, Coagulating Animal/Vegetable Fat and Grease from Water


Most grease traps on the market are not efficient, are messy and time consuming to maintain. Now, for the first time, our grease separation technology allows the operator to not only size the system strictly by flow rate but to also achieve specific discharge removal efficiencies. The EcoGrease interceptor separates liquid, coagulating animal and vegetable fat and grease from water prior to discharge to septic tank or municipal sewer. These types of contaminants tend to cause clogging problems resulting in very expensive sewer clean- up efforts. Maintenance is easy, fast and clean - simply connect septic truck suction hose to vacuum the grease. With the optional viewing pane, the operator can monitor grease levels and determine when cleaning is needed and thus avoid the expense associated with scheduled, yet sometimes premature, septic truck service calls. The EcoGrease interceptor represents an ideal solution for protecting sanitary sewage systems and for use in institutional kitchens, restaurants, slaughter houses (abattoir) and food processing plants.



TYPICAL FIELDS OF APPLICATION - Ecogrease - Animal and vegetable fat

  • Kitchens.
  • Restaurants, hotels.
  • Institutional and processing facilities.
  • Slaughter houses (abattoir)




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