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  Oil Spill Control Valves

ecoStop Valve for Oil Spill Prevention


Our patented mechanical oil spill prevention valve is the only one of its kind in the world. It contains oil spills which take place by accident or due to leaking fuel tanks by preventing the oily water from extending downstream and causing more extensive damage. It is for installation at the INLET end in concrete or steel tanks used to contain oil spills. All other mechanical oil spill prevention valves on the market are for installation at the OULET end since they lack the necessary mechanical pressure to stay closed if they were installed at the inlet end. By installing at the inlet end, the EcoStop valve offers huge advantages. Upon the introduction of nominal amounts of oil in the tank, it mechanically shuts the inlet closed (with 16 feet of total dynamic head or 0.5 bar) thus containing the oil spill upstream. When conventional oil spill control valves close the outlet pipe, the tank can continue to fill up due to the accident and it eventually overspills through the manhole causing environmental disaster downstream. Such damage is very costly to clean up. The EcoStop valve has a true and tested 99.9 % reliability track record. No electrical requirements. It can be installed with our optional AC or DC alarm systems using internet protocols to immediately send operators electronic messages advising which tank in particular requires attention.


Experience has taught us that it is not uncommon for employees responsible for visually inspecting tanks after storms and other accident causing events, often time fail to carry out such duties and in fact, in some cases, actually force the conventional oil spill prevention valves to remain open. This "obviates" their perceived need for continued and regular visual inspections thus exposing the owner to expensive clean up costs and legal liability. The EcoStop valve avoids such "human error" and provides peace of mind. A must for oil companies, gas/fueling depots and electric power plants.


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