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Oil Water Separators

Above Ground Below Ground Oil Refineries Oil Extractor

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There are many misconceptions in the market place concerning "oil /water separators", " oil/ water interceptors" and "oil traps". Many companies profess to offer "oil water separators" when in fact, what they sell are just interceptors or traps, which are empty tanks with baffled walls with no effective separation technology built in. These look great on paper and appear to be most affordable but baffled walls alone cannot separate oil efficiently. They simply trap some of the oil which is floating on the surface of the water in the tank but they do not separate the oil which is in the water below the surface. We at Freytech Inc. are of the opinion that they are overpriced empty tanks with baffles that can, and do, get unsuspecting, but well intentioned operators and their company owners in trouble when they unknowingly discharge oil beyond their legal limits. Hydrocarbon discharge limits to sewers and to storm drains are usually set at 10 to 15 Parts per Million (10-15 PPM). What we offer are true oil water separators with enhanced coalescing technology and we guarantee below 5 PPM separation (below 10 PPM with many types of light crude oil) of free non-emulsified oil even if the oil concentrations at the inlet end are very high (below 10 PPM for many types of light crude oil). What we offer is peace of mind since our customers stay in compliance.


Freytech Enhanced Coalescing Oil Water Separators separate free non-emulsified oil, hydrocarbons, diesel, gasoline, fuels, from water to below 5 PPM guaranteed (below 10 PPM with many types of light crude oil). Permanent filter / coalescing media can be washed by hand with a water hose for years of efficient, trouble free use. For our turnkey above ground units, a standard manual side port is included to easily extract pure separated oil from within the unit thus avoiding having to empty entire contents of separator tank when full. This represents a huge advantage over other separators in that the operator can extract the pure oil and recycle it for free and in some cases even get paid for it. Many other separators on the market require septic truck service to suction out all of the separated oil when the unit is full. With such an antiquated extraction method, the separated oil is once again mixed with the water and the operator pays by the gallon to have it hauled away and treated in a water treatment plant. With our above ground equipment, septic service is only required when and if the separator fills up with sediment over time. No electrical power requirements.







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