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The Freytech Container Oil Water Separator is a steel cargo container measuring either 20 or 40 feet in length that is provided turnkey to the client. It has all of the sedimentation chambers and the oil water separator built into the container itself. It represents a unique solution for a wide variety of applications where infrastructure may be lacking and also for those cases where the operator may not want to invest in concrete tank construction or other types of resources on property being used / exploited on a short term basis. It is also ideal for offshore oil platforms/onshore oil rigs and for small municipalities that only need a separator on occasion. By joining together with neighboring municipalities, together they can justify its acquisition and simply share its use on a rotational basis. Achieves 5 PPM separation of free non-emulsified oil (below 10 PPM with many types of light crude oil). Simply put, you load it on a flat bed truck and transport it to wherever it is needed.




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