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Our patented mechanical oil draw off device automatically collects the oil that has been separated but is still floating on the surface of the water inside a separator. Once a conventional oil water separator is full of oil, it has to be removed. In many cases, operators use suction to extract the separated oil but this tends to be problematic since you end up with separated oil plus a high content of unwanted water. Separated oil containing a lot of water is usually picked up by septic service trucks and transported to water treatment plants. The separated oil is not only lost this way but the process is very costly. With the ADD, the oil being separated inside the separator is mechanically collected 24/7 and moved by gravity to a separate container positioned next to the separator. The ADD achieves an astounding 99.7 % degree of oil purity and any remaining water is automatically and mechanically channeled back into the oil water separator. The ADD can be used in applications having small or large flow rates and in conjunction with all of our oil water separators. If dealing with crude oil, the ADD will function so long as its specific weight of the crude is below 0.95. For crude oil with higher specific weight, conventional skimmers can be used instead. The ADD, can in many cases, actually increase oil production levels at oil wells and refineries.



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