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  Solar Powered Systems

No Diesel Required


Worldwide, there are thousands of companies specializing in solar power and even more specializing in water purification. There are only a handful of companies though specializing in "solar powered water purification" and fewer still among that select group, that have truly mastered the rather complex engineering process with practicality, affordability and durability in mind.


Freytech Inc. is very proud to introduce and stand behind its latest line of solar powered, water desalination & purification systems and solar powered pumping stations. When comparing competing systems available in our very thirsty and energy hungry world, consider the following Freytech advantages:

  1. Turnkey Solution: Models are designed for ease of deployment.

  2. Practical: Models include durable, sealed, electric gel battery packs.

  3. High and Low Flow Rates: When dealing with turnkey water treatment systems, Freytech offers the highest flow rates available anywhere in the world today. Practical flow rates available whether dealing with contaminated water sources from the well, lake, river or salty ocean. Depending on the model and type of water source in question, drinking water flow rates range from 5,670 Liters per Day (LPD) [5.6m3]/ 1,500 Gallons per Day (GPD) to 48,000 LPD [48m3]/ 12,700 GPD.

  4. Affordable and Easy to Use: Freytech systems are surprisingly affordable and most skillfully designed & engineered. Standard replacement filters are available for purchase worldwide.

  5. Durable and Reliable: Systems are built with military specifications in mind so that wherever the systems may be put into operation, these can withstand the rigors of time as well as harsh elements and environments. Systems are engineered and built bearing in mind that field conditions are harsh, spare parts are often hard to come by and people's health and very lives depend on obtaining clean drinking water.




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