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Oil Water Separators

Freytech offers a wide variety of modern, patented water filtration equipment for the treatment of waste water for proper discharge. Our equipment incorporates cutting edge engineering innovations from Western Europe and the US providing you with field tested, certified solutions for your gray as well as drinking water needs, be they large or small. Freytech, Inc. — proven, state-of-the-art, affordable, long lasting equipment, which is truly simple to install, operate and maintain.


Oil water separator

for refined and light crude oil applications with unique patented innovations to save on septic service/ water treatment plant fees and to even increase production in oil fields and refineries.


Crude oil water separator

will increase Barrel Per Day (BPD) crude oil production. Any GPM flow rate required. For use at the well head and/or refineries.


Filters to remove heavy metals, phosphates, nitrates (nutrients)

from water for municipal storm runoff, industrial and mining wastewater, land reclamation, decontamination of retention ponds and even entire lakes and rivers. Effective elimination of algae bloom.


Oil spill control valves

unlike any others in the world market place to save operators millions in environmental cleanup costs.


Puri FS 300 Portable Solar Water Purification System



Puri Sea 30 Portable Solar Water Purification System



Animal fat and kitchen grease interceptors

with specific discharge removal efficiencies and with window panes to save money by scheduling septic service only when you need it and not before.



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