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Heavy Metals/Phosphates/Nitrates (Nutrients) and Sediment Filtration

The patented mechanical EcoStorm Plus filtration system is the only one of its kind in the world. It filters a vast array of heavy metals, phosphates, nitrates (nutrients) and sediment from water. It utilizes porous cement filter blocks containing special chemicals which working together, allow for durable and long lasting adsorption, chemical precipitation and filtration. Other filters for such contaminants last a matter of months and tend to clog up easily with sediment while the EcoStorm Plus filter lasts up to 5 YEARS and thanks to its hydro cyclone baffle design, is self cleaning. Initially designed and in use for municipal storm water run-off treatment, this unique system has many additional applications such as in mining, manufacturing, industry, water treatment facilities, decontamination of retention ponds and large bodies of water such as lakes and rivers. Available in portable High Density PE or in concrete vault design. Flow rates 50, 190 and 350 GPM. No power requirements.




TYPICAL FIELDS OF APPLICATION - EcoStorm Plus - Heavy Metal, Phosphate, Nitrate ( Nutrients) Filter.

  • Parking lots.
  • Treatment of run-off from metal roofs (Copper, Zinc,...).

  • Industrial manufacturing facilities.

  • Commercial/retail developments.

  • Municipal/residential drainage improvements.

  • Transportation/maintenance facilities.

  • Water Quality Improvement of retention ponds/ lakes/rivers.

  • Mining operations.

  • Land and Water Decontamination.


ecoStorm Plus 400 - Filtration of Heavy Metas/Phosphates/Nitrates/Sediments



ecoStorm Plus 1000 - Filter for Heavy Metals, Phosphates, Nitrates, and Sediments




ecoStorm Plus 1500 - Filtration of Heavy Metas/Phosphates/Nitrates/Sediments





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