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The EcoTop above ground oil water separator is made of high grade stainless steel and can be used to separate free non emulsified oil in water which is too hot for the EcoLine A series separators which are made of high density PE. Achieves below 5 parts per million (5PPM) separation (10 PPM for many types of light crude oil). Optional patented automatic oil draw off device (ADD) can be added for the 24/7 mechanical and automatic extraction of the separated oil collecting inside the separator to a separate container. The end user can now recycle separated oil or crude with minimal water content given the astounding 99.7% degree of purity obtained with this unique equipment. ADD units available for both small and large flow rates. EcoTop units available for 50 and 160 GPM flow rates. No electrical power requirements.


TYPICAL FIELDS OF APPLICATION - EcoTop Oil Water Separator (Stainless Steel)

  • Transportation.
  • Gasoline stations, car wash and repair workshops.
  • Industrial process waste water.
  • Oil production, oil-removal plants.
  • Reconditioning of cooling water.
  • Treatment of waste water from oil-removal plants.
  • Mobile cleaning of oil-contaminated ground water and oil contaminated land.
  • Mining Operations.




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